Advantages of Fabricating Metal Roofs on Site

What are the advantages of hiring a metal roofing contractor who can fabricate your roof on site?

Metal roofs can last for more than a hundred years with proper care. Depending on the type, size and pitch of roof, a roofing contractor may assign technicians the task of carefully measuring the roof in sections and hiring a subcontractor to fabricate them. Once this is completed, the sections are transported to the work site and then attached to the roof. Some metal roofing products today are made using this method.

Different things can go wrong with this type of arrangement. For example, if the initial measurements are off, the sections will not fit properly. If the sections are not manufactured properly, the roof will fail. If repairs are made to the roofing frame that changes the measurements, the sections will not fit. New measurements must then be taken and replacement sections must be manufactured.

A contractor that fabricates metal roofing on site has many advantages. First, the contractor is on site and does not require a subcontractor to manufacture any sections or pieces. The roofer will have the equipment to manufacture any part of the roof to the exact measurements required. If any repairs are made to the framing that cause measurements to change, the pieces or section can be custom made without any delay.

An onsite roofing contractor can alert the home or business owner to any potential problem areas of the roof such as ice dams, flashing around or near fireplaces and overhanging tree limbs. Installation of auxiliary items such as de-icers for gutters and specialized flashing can be done while the roof is installed.

The onsite roofer can install all types of metal materials such as shingles, sheets, copper and more. Forming machines can fabricate sheets with custom widths for any roof. This prevents a roof that looks as though part of it was cut off. Custom sheets give the roof a uniform look and enhance the curb appeal of the structure.

Roofing that is fabricated onsite generally costs less, because only one contractor is used. There are no markups from the manufacturer or shipping costs. The job is done far faster and there are no delays created by waiting for replacement panels.

The contractor has all the necessary metal, fasteners and equipment to use from the time he or she arrives at the address. No delays are created by having to wait for specialized items from a factory. The home or business owner can conduct business sooner and enjoy a structure with a custom made and fitted roof.

Why Homeowners Should Research Their Contractor Before Hiring Them

Below are a few paragraphs of an news release from the Ohio Attorney General of Ohio’s web site about them filing lawsuits against Northeast Ohio  Contractors for failure to deliver and performing shoddy work. We Thought this would be good information to share with our clients. Below is also a link to the full article.

Attorney General DeWine Announces Lawsuits Against Northeast Ohio Contractors


(ELYRIA, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced lawsuits against two Northeast Ohio home improvement contractors. The lawsuits accuse Mark Walker of Avon, and his business, All American Restoration, and Wayne Given of Silver Lake, doing business as Basement Waterproofing Solutions, of failure to deliver and performing shoddy work.

“When consumers pay thousands of dollars for home improvement services they never receive as promised, there’s a problem,” Attorney General DeWine said. “We are committed to enforcing Ohio’s consumer protection laws and holding violators accountable.”

Consumers should take the following steps to protect themselves in a home improvement transaction:

  • Get at least three written estimates from different contractors before selecting a contractor.
  • Ask the contractor to provide references of past customers, and check the references.
  • Make sure the contractor has the proper permits to perform the work.
  • Ask the contractor to show proof of licenses, insurance, and bonding. State law does not require home improvement contractors to be licensed, but many Ohio cities do.
  • Check with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau to determine if complaints are on file against the company.
  • Get everything in writing, including any verbal promises.
  • Do not provide full payment up front. Pay when work is finished or for portions of work as they are completed, for example, one-third in the beginning, one-third in the middle, and the final third upon satisfactory completion.


Click here for the full article.


How does a wind storm damage my roof & what to look for in Columbus Ohio?

How does a wind storm damage my roof & what to look for in Columbus Ohio?

Wind is one of the most common causes of roof damage in Columbus Ohio. Any type of roofing material can be harmed by wind but asphalt shingles, roll roofing and many roofing membranes are the most susceptible to wind damage. Wood and metal roofing are less prone to wind damage, and concrete, tile and slate roofing generally only sustain indirect damage from wind storms. Mike’s Roofing Inc repairs storm damage in Columbus Ohio. Call now for a free roof inspection.

Wind harms a roof in two ways. One way is by the direct action of the wind. Moving air creates differences in Hail Damage Columbus Ohiopressure as it passes over and around stationary objects. Wind can create negative pressure, or suction, which lifts shingles and other roofing materials. Wind also causes positive pressure as it pushes against the roof surface. The varying positive and negative pressures can cause loose shingle edges to move slightly thus becoming even looser in just a short time. As the roofing material loosens the wind is able to penetrate further underneath. In the case of very high winds asphalt shingles or membrane roofing can be shredded or completely lifted off. Sometimes wind damage is not caused by the failure of the roofing material but by the failure of the fasteners that hold the roofing to the roof decking.

Another way wind can damage a roof is by lifting and carrying debris that then strikes the roof surface. Strong winds can also cause large limbs and even entire trees to fall on a building. This secondary type of damage ranges from superficial to severe and may destroy the structural members that support the roof. Even the strongest slate roof usually cannot withstand an impact caused by a large tree falling directly on it.

The best way to immediately assess the condition of a roof is by entering the attic or crawl space just below the roof to check for leaks. This can and should be done while it is raining when the presence of seeping rainwater is most apparent. If climbing into the attic is not physically possible looking for wet spots on the ceiling of the uppermost floor is another way of discovering if a roof is leaking. The roof can also be examined externally to find any loose shingles, tiles or panels. In severe cases portions of the roofing material may be missing completely. Extensive roof damage is obvious and even minor wind damage is usually visible from the ground unless the roof is very flat or the building is tall.

How Will More Insulation In My Attic Help With My Heating And Cooling Bills?

How Will More Insulation In My Attic Help With My Heating And Cooling Bills?

The loss of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer has long been an issue amongst homeowners. One way to combat heating and cooling loss in the home is to add insulation to the attic. Hiring a trusted Roofing Contractor & Roofing Specialist is an easy way to help save money on heating and cooling bills for the home.

Various studies have been conducted regarding which type of insulation is the best to use in the attic, how to insulate as well as how to ventilate this space. It has been proven that approximately 30 percent of a home’s heat is lost through the attic, particularly those that are under insulated or insulated improperly. By adding the proper amount of insulation to an attic, homeowners can see a dramatic improvement in their heating and cooling bills as well as a great increase in the comfort levels in the home, particularly during the extreme hot of summer and bitter cold in the winter.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor & Roofing Specialist will ensure you are getting the proper products installed in the correct manner. In addition, these specialists will assist in determining the type of insulation that should be installed in the attic, based on the home’s square footage as well as the type and amount of existing insulation. He or she will also make a determination on the R-value insulation needs for the home. The Roofing Contractor will then install new insulation or add to the current insulation already in place in the attic. By hiring a Roofing Contractor & Roofing Specialist, the homeowner will be getting attic insulation installed properly. It’s important that new insulation as well as the existing insulation is not blocking or covering the soffits. The soffits need to remain open in order to allow the attic to breathe and let out moisture.

Many people choose to insulate their homes without the assistance of a trusted professional. While it is possible, the homeowner that chooses to hire professional assistance is making a responsible decision and protecting themselves and their families from the harmful effects of installing insulation, such as breathing in fiberglass fibers or coming into contact with fiberglass. In addition, older homes may be insulated with asbestos and can be harmful if it is disturbed.

How do I Know the Roofer in Columbus Ohio That I Hire is Legitimate?

How do I Know the Roofer in Columbus Ohio That I Hire is Legitimate?

When hiring a Columbus Ohio roofing contractor & roofing specialist, it pays to make sure you know a little about the professional. This includes making sure the individual in question is a legitimate business person. There are a few things you want to verify before you enter into any type of contract and hand over any money for the proposed work. Take the time to verify that the contractor has a current business license, carries a reasonable amount of business liability insurance and has an established reputation for excellence in the local community.

Verifying the Business License

The bottom line is that you do not want to work with any roofing contractor & roofing specialist who cannot present a current business license. Any excuses such as the business overlooked the renewal or that the renewal is in process is simply not acceptable. There’s a good chance that the provisions of your homeowner’s insurance plan require that roofing repairs be made by a roofing professional who is properly licensed by the local jurisdiction. Choosing to work with someone who does not have an up to date license could put your coverage at jeopardy.

The Matter of Business Liability Insurance

Any contractor who is serious about his or her business model will carry liability coverage. That coverage helps to defray any expenses that occur if one of the roofing team is injured on the premises. That same coverage protects you and your family from injuries or damages that occur as the result of the negligence of the roofers. Unless the roofing contractor can produce proof of insurance, take your business elsewhere.

Reputation Matters

If the roofing contractor & roofing specialist you have in mind does have an up to date business license and carries a reasonable level of liability coverage, take the time to find out what past customers think of the quality of service provided. Ask for references and take the time to follow up with each one. What you hope to hear is that the roofing team was punctual, showing up each day to get the job done in a timely manner. You also want to hear that high quality materials were used for the repairs and that the roofs have held up well since those repairs were made.

Along with listening to what those past customers have to say, don’t hesitate to ask about any questions that came to mind when you were talking with the contractor. Assuming you like what they have to say, chances are that the contractor in question is a good choice

Why Call a Local Roofer to Come Fix My Roof in Columbus Ohio?

Why Call a Local Roofer to Come Fix My Roof in Columbus Ohio?

Got An Annoying Leaky Roof?
A leaky roof is an annoying inevitability most home and building owners would rather not worry about. Yet, roofing materials can be damaged by turbulent winds, hurricanes, tornadoes and most regularly, normal rain, snow and sleet events that cause the most wear to roofing materials.

Choose Your Local Roofing Contractor and Roofing Specialist
When the dripping begins or the sight of missing or damaged roofing shingles demands repair, there are a number of reasons to choose your local roofing contractor and roofing specialist:
. They are fully knowledgeable of the best materials for your particular climate
. They are most likely to respond to emergency repairs
. Local roofing contractors and roofing specialists are more reliable

Local Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractors
Most local contractors have years of regional experience. This is one reason they are most often chosen for new roofing projects. These contractors are highly knowledgeable in local compliance regulations and permits and offer their clients a full-range of the highest quality materials as well as top-notch installations and repairs.

Find A Local Roofing Specialist Before The Need Arises
It’s always best to take the time to seek the services of a local roofing specialist before the need arises. It’s important to review the advanced knowledge and skills of the specialists who serve your particular area and to research their business practices and licensing. Take the time to review their annual roofing maintenance contracts to keep your roof in good condition and to avoid future leaks and other problems. The value of a business/client relationship with your local roofing professional is reflected in the excellent customer service you’ll receive and attention to your needs when an emergency occurs. Feel free to visit their website or contact them by phone, if you have additional questions. Local roofing contractors are willing to provide additional information when you need it.

Custom Roof Designs and Custom Repairs
Your local roofing contractors are experts in roofing design for new home, roof replacements and repairs. There’s nothing like the secure feeling a new roof or roof replacement provides when a storm is in progress. Roofing experts are available for small repairs, tear offs and full replacements for existing homes. Consider a local professional contractor for a roofing project for a new home or building. Local contractors work with local authorities to expedite new roofing, repairs, tear offs or replacements to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

What To Do About Roof Leaks

Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor Explains What to Do if Your  Roof is Leaking

If there is a leak in the roof, it is important to have it fixed right away. Find a Columbus Ohio Roofing Contractor or a Roofing Specialist and have them inspect the roof as they can give the best advice as to what needs to be repaired and the extent of the damage. There are several reasons to repair the roof.

What Starts to Happen to a Roof That Leaks

If a roof leak isn’t fixed quickly, it can cause many costly problems. Water can get through any cracks in the roof shingles that a homeowner may not be aware of. If it gets under the roof shingles, it can get through the underlayment. Under this, there is plywood. If the water can get under the plywood, it will then be able to get the drywall wet. Within time, the drywall will wear down and the water leak will cause a hole to form in the drywall. When this happens, there will be water dripping into the house.

Damage Roof Leaks Can Cause

Water can quickly damage your flooring, interior drywall and furniture. Foundations of houses are not always completely level. Changes can occur over time, causing the flooring in some parts of the house to slightly slope. The sloping may not be noticeable until water starts to come in. The sloping can cause the water to be carried further into the house. This will result in more damage. The roof may leak in one area, but the water damage can be more extensive within the house. Another concern with water damage is the threat of mold. Mold can form quickly on wet wood and flooring. Mold is difficult to get rid of and is hazardous to humans and animals. Having mold in a house will require remediation services to destroy it. That will be an additional cost to the homeowner.

Getting a roof fixed as soon as a problem is realized will cost a homeowner less money in the long run. Water is extremely damaging to wood. If the water gets into the house, it will be damaging to the flooring, furniture and walls. It is best to have a professional examine the roof. Contact a Roofing Contractor or a Roofing Specialist to inspect and repair the roof.