Advantages of A Concealed Fastener System Metal Roof Vs. A Premium Shingle On Your Home Or Business in Ohio

Premium shingles are common roofing choices for almost any home and business. These lightweight pieces are easy to transport, but have extensive installation labor because of their size. Concealed fastener metal roofs use hidden connection points under panels to create a continuous appearance across the roof. Metal roofs with concealed fasteners, although expensive initially, offer several advantages over premium shingles.

A Permanent Roof

After about 20 years, premium shingles slowly deteriorate from weathering or displacement. The roof may appear patchy and remains vulnerable to leaks and windy drafts. Properly installed concealed fastener roofs can last for the life of the building. Because the fasteners are not subjected to weathering, the streamlined roof remains firmly in place. Pounding rain and wind simply moves across the panels without consistent weathering damage, as long as the installers used proper installation strategies connecting the fasteners to strong structural beams.

Increased Insulation Value

Although premium shingles are relatively thick when overlapped on a roof, they cannot provide any insulation to the home or business’s interior. Metal roofing with concealed fastener systems creates an impermeable barrier to cold wind and radiating sunlight. It is possible that the building’s heating and cooling costs could drop considerably with a concealed fastener system metal roof. Between saving money on roof maintenance and interior comfort, metal roofs have more advantages than premium shingles.

Reduced Property Damage

Premium shingles that crack or break off from the roof leave the structure vulnerable to leaks. Although water entering the building may not be immediately apparent, water damage still occurs to structural beams and drywall. Mold and pest invasions are more prevalent with moist building materials, creating even more costly repairs. Concealed fasteners on metal roofs do not offer any water pathways into the structure. Metal panels are a continuous surface moving rain to side gutters and away from the building. The structure remains dry and free from any water damage for the life of the metal roof.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Although premium shingles come in several color choices, they can fade over time. Metal roofing offers several color choices that do not fade with sunlight exposure. The panels can also have different textures, from smooth to corrugated. Concealed fastener system metal roofs give the building a personality with different shapes and configurations.

Concealed fastener metal roofs save the owner money over time with a consistently pleasing appearance. Estimate the cost of a metal roof compared to a shingled roof and see the huge difference over the life of the building.