What to look for in a Ohio Roofing Contractor before you hire them to install or replace your church roof?

Hiring a roofing contractor can already feel like a daunting task, but those who are charged with hiring the roofer to replace the church roof might feel a bit more intimidated. There are a couple things that anyone will want to look for when considering roofing contractors, and each of these items adds to the complete picture.

1. They Must Be Willing To Give An On-Site Estimate

Roofers who quote flat-rates are not worth their salt. For the good of the church’s budget, it is quite necessary that the roofer come out to the location and give a full estimate based on what they think it will take to get the job done. They must also be willing to write up an estimate for insurance purposes. If they instruct the church make up their own estimate, it is time to move on. The best roofing contractors are used to giving estimates and giving written estimates for insurance purposes.

2. They Must Be Willing To Fit Into A Given Timetable

While the roofer must be able to work on their own timetable, there also must be some give and take between the roofer and the client. IF the client needs the job done a little bit more quickly, the roofer should be able to fit that timeline into an estimate. When making reasonable requests, one should expect the roofer to quickly comply or offer a solution that they feel will work better for their crew.

3. They Must Be Bonded and Insured

Heaven forbid anything happens during the job, the church cannot be responsible for the injuries of a worker. This is why the roofing contractor hired should be bonded and insured to give the church peace of mind. The church cannot afford a civil action based on injuries that occurred whilst the roof was being repaired, and the roofer should be willing to take full responsibility by having bonding and insurance policies.

When hiring a roofing contractor, keeping each of these items in mind allows the church to get what it needs while not overspending or being liable for worker injury. This is the best situation to be in when the roof needs replacing.