Century Drain

Wheeling Corrugating CenturyDrain® Steel Roofing and Siding Panels

29 Gauge Siding and Roofing Panels.

Full-hard, high tensile, 100,000-plus psi steel holds up under heavy winds, snow loads, rain and work abuse.

Premium, precision galvanizing adds uniform rust/corrosion protection.

Performance Certification gives product 40-year warranty for Rust, 30-year warranty for Fade-Chalk.

Full 38″ wide, 36″ cover, more coverage with fewer panels.

Exclusive drain channel prevents moisture/rain from siphoning inside, helps keep structure dry.

Wide assortment of durable colors, ranging from bright contemporary colors to warm earth tones.

All Wheeling Roofing and Siding is part of the Spectracote System, the most comprehensive, quality integrated manufacturing and paint finishing process in the industry.

American Made Steel