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At Mikes Roofing we are introducing our new line of custom fit roofing panels made right on the job site.

A New Customized Metal Roof in Ohio: Value-Enhancing Qualities

Savvy property owners in Ohio have discovered that installing a new customized metal roof on a metal roofing contractor in ohiohome or business frequently contributes to improved real estate values. Why? Selecting metal roofs offers four key advantages.


First, unlike many other types of roofing materials, metal will reliably shelter a wide array of office buildings and homes from Ohio’s windy, damp winter weather. Innovations in this field have transformed the industry. Decades ago, simple corrugated sheets of aluminum protected barns and other outbuildings in rural areas. Today, metal roofs occur in many different forms, sizes, shapes, colors and styles. A consumer who pauses to admire a new residential or business roof may not even realize the attractive surface consists of metal! Talented manufacturers have created outstanding, beautiful metal roofing products. The available selections provide greater design flexibility.

Extended Lifespan

Indeed, the expected lifespan of the typical metal roof exceeds that of most other popular roofs. Custom metal roofing in ohioWhen property owners take appropriate steps to prevent corrosion, metal roofs tend to withstand high winds, dampness, and blowing debris very effectively. Just consider the durability of a pickup truck cargo bed. Modern metal roofs possess that type of strength and long lasting ability to withstand the elements. Ohio property owners may decide to install one of these extended-wear roofs in order to enjoy a 60 to 80 year anticipated roofing lifespan instead of a 20 to 40 year roof lifespan.

Enhanced Wind Resistance

In Ohio, we sometimes experience strong winds, especially during winter and spring. Communities located along the shores of Lake Erie face especial challenges as heavy gusts blow inland across the water. This environment demands resourcefulness in the selection of roofing products. Although wind resistance factors vary significantly based upon individual metal roof fabrication and design parameters and the strength of the underlying structure, usually metal roofs afford superior wind resistance. A metal roof installed on a well-built steel building typically withstands winter storms very well indeed.

Low Maintenance

Finally, customized metal roofing products offer the virtue of low maintenance. Many property owners Metal roofing installation ohioappreciate this value-enhancing quality most of all. These beautiful, long lasting, wind-resistant, termite-resistant roofs generally involve limited upkeep. This feature means that purchasers who select properties with metal roofs frequently save money over the long term. A home or business buyer may enjoy years of carefree roof ownership!


Metal roofs contribute to property value. They represent a wise choice!