Advantages Of Concealed Fastener Systems Vs. Exposed Fastener Systems On Your Home Or Business’s Metal Roof in Ohio

A metal roof installation on a home or business is a smart investment in regions with volatile weather. Persistent rain and wind can damage typical shingled roofs, requiring costly repairs almost every year. Metal roofs have two main connection strategies to the building below, either concealed or exposed fastener systems. Although concealed fasteners are more expensive than exposed types, they offer several advantages for a long-lasting metal roof.

Reduced Fastener Weathering

Because concealed fasteners are hidden below the metal roof sheeting, they are not subjected to pounding weather patterns. Although the metal is typically galvanized for rust-resistance, exposed fasteners degenerate over the years, leaving the building vulnerable to metal roof damage in high wind scenarios. Choose concealed fasteners to ensure that the roof retains its structural integrity for many years to come.

Reduced Metal Roof Distortion

Metal roof panels and fasteners naturally expand and contract in response to cold and heat. Because concealed fasteners do not pin metal panels down from above, the roof can expand and contract without distorting the panels’ shape. Panels that bend and warp must be replaced to avoid any structural damage within the building. Replacing panels and fasteners, along with the associated labor, is an expensive endeavor for any home or business.

Better Aesthetics

Metal roofs should not make the building appear like a cold and industrial structure. Concealed fasteners lend a smooth roof appearance to the building, creating a functional but beautiful cap to the structure. If a building has corrugated panels, for example, the wavy appearance should not be marred with fasteners every few feet. Concealed fasteners hide the connection points while keeping the roof safely in place.

Leak Resistance

Although installers may attach exposed fasteners tightly to the roof, tiny gaps between the panels and fasteners slowly grow over the years. Water leaks from rain slowly make way under the metal panels. Buildings can have slow leaks that damage structural beams and personal property. Concealed fasteners are not exposed to the elements. Because they are hidden below the panels, their tiny gaps over time do not contribute to leaks. Unless the metal panels themselves are damaged, water leaks are minimal.

A metal roof gives a home or business a sturdy appearance with many years of functionality. It may even increase property value. Choosing a concealed fastener system prevents slow erosion to the connection points and saves the property owner money over time.