How do you know when it is time to replace your metal roof in central Ohio?

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Metal roofs are made of a sturdy material that lasts for decades. Even so, age and weather reduce the quality of this material over time. After a certain number of years, most homeowners notice at least one problem with the roof; however, they may not know if the damage is serious enough. It’s important that they are familiar with the common reasons why replacements are needed.


Leaking is one of the main reasons why roofs are replaced. Thousands of dollars in water damages are caused to the roof itself, the ceiling and the floor. Some leaks are easy to detect from the ceiling, but others are impossible to detect until weeks or months later. By that time, severe damage has caused expensive mold and rotting problems.


Mold appears mostly on roofs, ceilings and walls. Too much moisture causes this problem, but on the roof, it’s not easy to spot this problem. A severe infestation causes black mold that’s impossible to remove by hand. Mold is a health hazard that is easily spread through its spores. So, once homeowners see the presence of severe mold, they should consider a replacement immediately.

Wear and Tear

On very old roofs, severe wear and tear is beyond repair. Decades of constant rains and winds will create cracks of all sizes. Ice is one of the most destructive elements to form on the roof. When the water freezes, the cracks freeze and expand to get larger. In some homes, it takes only one severe hailstorm to create destruction that leads to a replacement.


The reasons to fix up a house could be aesthetic. Some people plan to remodel their houses completely. They decide to replace the roof with a brand-new design that is more attractive or efficient. They may want a roof with a steeper slope or one in a different color that matches the house.

A DIY project is not recommended for any roofing repair or installation. Even repairing a few shingles is dangerous for anyone who’s not a professional roofer. Homeowners should know when it’s time for a new roof and hire specialists in metal roof replacements.

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